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Why choose Acadia Cornerstone to help you with your purchase?  Because we care about our clients.  We are passionate about finding out what our clients’ needs are and helping them to get the best possible value for their purchase.

Oceanfront Home for sale

Home on the Ocean near Acadia

Are you looking for a home?  We will ask you about the type of property you are looking for, what location will work best for you and what your goals are in acquiring the property.  Are you relocating from out of state?  We can help you learn about the area.  We will provide you with the information you need to make well informed decisions.

Vacation Rental for sale

Vacation rental near Acadia

Are you looking for a property to purchase for a vacation rental?  We have helped many clients enter this market.  We are skilled at finding properties that are a good value and will provide you a good return on your money invested.  We will provide you with a list of potential properties and review with you the pros and cons as well as perform a financial analysis for your decision making process.  We can even help you manage the property after the purchase with our in house vacation rental business.

Looking for a Bar Harbor B&B, Bar Harbor hotel or other business?  We can help!  We have over 30 years of combined experience working in management capacities in the hotel industry.  We can help you find great potential properties and help your determine what price you should pay to get the cap rate you are looking for.

No matter what type of property you are looking for we will treat you like a member of the family.  We will help you to make the best choice possible.  We will even talk you out of a property we don’t think is right for you!

To see what is available in our market try one of our many easy to use search tools.  Many of the searches have already been narrowed down to specific markets. Check out our communities page for a list of local area and their associated searches.  Try a search in the Acadia Area Real Estate market.  Looking for waterfront?  Try a search of all waterfront property in the Acadia Real Estate market.  Looking for Commercial?  Check out our predefined search of commercial property in the Acadia National Park Real Estate market.  Or just go right to our general search tool and look on your own!  feel free to contact us at 207-288-3773 or using our contact form with any questions you may have.

Hotels for sale in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Inn, a classic oceanfront hotel